Release That Witch

Release That Witch Manga is a Chinese manga comic adapted from the novel “Let go of that witch “. The manga is written by Dr. WoodmanIt and illustrated by Ye Qing, Kalin, and Xiao Hei. It is exclusively serialized on Bilibili Comics and is updated every Thursday and Sunday at 10 am. The first release of the manga was on January 24, 2019. Release That Witch also named in Chinese 放开那个女巫 was first published on Qidian Chinese website and has now been completed. Many genres are mixed in the story: Action, Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Harem, Historical, Seinen, and Supernatural.


The story is about Roland Wimbledon who is an engineering man who travels through another world and becomes a prince. It looks like the Middle Ages in Europe, but it doesn’t seem to be the same. Witches are real and magically exist. The magic is productivity! Save the witch and liberate productivity! Open maps, fight demons, break conspiracies, climb the technology tree, and start the hard-core “farming” road!

Main Characters

Roland Wimbledon: The fourth prince of the Kingdom of Greycastle, whose soul is Cheng Yan, a mechanical engineer from Earth. When he just crossed over, he happened to see the scene where the witch Anna was about to be executed, so he took advantage of the situation to save her. When he learned that this world has incredible magic power, he decided to use his scientific knowledge and the ability of witches to farm fields and technology to realize the industrialization of the territory and build his own powerful forces.

Anna: The aborigines of Border Town were sentenced to be hanged for being witches. Before being executed, she was rescued by Roland. After communicating with Roland in the dungeon, she became their hired witch. With her help, the technological level of Roland’s territory has developed rapidly, and later on, love takes place between the two.

Nightingale: The members of the mutual aid society rushed to Border Town after hearing the news that Anna had been executed, so they met Roland. Interested in Roland’s erudition and actions to protect witches, she later became his personal bodyguard, and gradually fell in love with each other.